LAMINAM- Ultra-thin ceramic surfaces.


Our company is the exclusive distributor of LAMINAM, which produces large-format ceramic surfaces. LAMINAM- was founded in 2001 by the initiative of the engineer Franco Stephanie. He is an innovator in the ceramics industry, who invented this product by creating an efficient technology for it.  It all started with obtaining a patent for ceramic tile technology with a large surface and a minimum thickness. Consequently, giving a new impetus to the development of an already mature industry.

 In order to use the full potential of the obtained material (ceramic tiles), we have found new areas of application of it, both in the conventional sphere of applications, such as interior and exterior cladding and in new areas, such as equipment, technologies for the production of energy from renewable sources.Today LAMINAM manufactures ceramic tiles in large sizes, which are distinguished from others by their eclecticism and variability that allows expanding the field of application.

Prices per m2 from:350,000 to 1,500,000 sums with VAT.

FLOORPAN–laminated floor coverings.


Floorpan from KASTAMONU (Turkey) is included in the top 5 of the trust system of wood processing companies in Europe. The company has been operating since 1969. The latest technology and high quality have won the trust of million consumers around the world. The floor covering meets all international quality standards. The German quality certificate ED2020 guarantees a low percentage of formaldehyde. It is safe, reliably and comfortable with us!We offer a wide range of Turkish-made laminates Floorpan, Sunfloor, Artfloor.

 Prices per m2 from: 59,000 to 120,000 sums with VAT.


IZOTERM – basalt-based heaters.

IZOTERM – basalt-based heaters.

IZOTERM- is a new generation of domestic high-quality heat and sound insulation materials based on stone wool. This is due to their widespread use in the construction, reconstruction or repair of residential and industrial buildings.

Prices per m2 from: 35,000 to 90,000 sums with VAT.

 The “IZOTERM” plant is one of the first plants in Kazakhstan that produces modern heat-insulating materials based on basalt fiber, using the European equipment of the Slovenian concern “EUROVEK”.

The company has two plants for the production of mineral insulated heaters. In 2007, a plant was commissioned in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Glubokiy settlement.In 2017, the company expanded and launched a second plant, located in Temirtau, which is equipped with modern equipment that allows it to produce the highest quality products at minimal production costs.

Misot Flex

Misot Flex

«Misot-Flex» – flexible, elastic material made of expanded synthetic rubber with a closed cell structure. It is produced by extrusion (foaming) and a closed cellular structure is formed during the vulcanization process, which determines its technical properties and advantages. The use of synthetic foam rubber is as widespread in many applications as it can significantly reduce costs and improve the quality of life. 



For more than ten years, «GABITEX» has been one of the leaders in the Russian market of interior hidden doors. Our brand is well known to many consumers — architects, designers and developers. Our specialization is the exclusive supply of hidden interior doors to the Uzbek market. 

Over this working time, we have established reliable partnerships with the best Italian manufacturers of door components. In addition, we have organized our own production facilities and accept orders for the manufacture of exclusive door designs from high quality Italian components. Our own production allows us to provide truly exclusive products in the form of hidden doors that can transform any interior. Our assortment is presented in four different series:

 -“Invisible” – «invisible» door in a hidden box «Secret», available in different versions;        

-“Filomuro” –  a door in a special box,located in the same plane with the wall structure;

-“Syntesis” – sliding hidden doors of the «pencil case» type, built directly into the wall without disturbing its visual perception; 

 -“Magic” –another sliding system, providing for the displacement of the door leaf along the wall. We provide comprehensive professional services. This means that you can buy or order a door from us with delivery and installation. The quality of our products is always on top: we are so confident in it that we provide a guarantee. You can get acquainted with its conditions in the corresponding section of our catalog.

Floor convectors

Floor convectors

Many modern styles involve the use of minimalistic elements in the interior with maximum free space possible. And here, instead of the classic models of radiators, there are convectors built into the floor, designed to ensure the same quality of heating and save free space as much as possible.This material will include data about floor convector models — their characteristics, varieties, rules for selection and installation.

Today, high-quality floor convectors occupy a competitive place among all heating systems. Such popularity is due not so much to the price of such devices, as to the extended functionality to the detriment of standard convectors and radiators.